What if we were made?

Alien Image

Yesterday when I was thinking about the life I had this idea what if we were made instead of not getting evolved from animals as it was mentioned in Darwin’s evolutionary theory. It is a popular idea, right? If you are religious you already believe that God made us and send us here into the earth. But, for what? To satisfy his own ego? Don’t get offended. I have good reason to believe if were made by someone or something then it is definitely no god.

God is a myth

Let’s assume that God made us for one moment. If he made us then what was the reason he made us? He just made us so that he can watch us go through these difficulties or happiness every day. Then what’s the reason he made us? What’s the reason for our existence? If God made us then definitely he has the power to destroy us. If that’s the case how we are going to deal with that? These are the questions that are very hard to find answers for. I am almost certain that there aren’t any. I believe that there fewer chances that there is some God and he made us. Hence we can rule out the possibility of God.

We were made

Let’s assume that we were made by someone or something but not God. Just think about the possibility of being made by someone as some robot. I believe this because our body works like a well-designed machine. It has the most efficient energy conversion mechanism. It was made by well thought out materials that are durable and long-lasting. Materials that can work for almost 60 years at least. There is a catch though, we share these materials with other animals too. This undermines my thought that we were made by someone.

If they made us, why they made us die

No engineer or designer wants their machines to die. They will design their machines with the goal of most efficiency. The guys who made a machine-like human would have the technology far better than us. Earth was believed to be formed around some 3.5 billion years ago. Around 3.5 billion years ago first living microorganism was found on earth. This means that they came onto earth 3.5 billion years ago and made us. At the time they made us they might don’t have the technology to make us not die.

Almost 3.5 billion years have been passed, their expertise in technology might also have developed. Do they can make a better version of us. Specifically, the version which doesn’t die.

Why are they making us would be the better question to ask. Are we some type of model in an experiment? Or do they believe that we might able to solve some type of scientific problem. This is close to our quantum computer analogy. We made quantum computers because we have problems that can’t be solved or take a long time by classical computers. What if we become technologically advanced than them?

Are they watching us?

Getting stalked by someone is really not a good thing. Especially if they want to harm you in some manner. Recently there are many rumours going on that humans got contacted by aliens. People that are making these allegations are big peoples, one of them is even head of space in one country.

Let’s believe for one moment that they really contacted us. I know we have to believe a lot in this article. Why they don’t want us to know that they are the ones who made us. Are we going to kill them? Definitely not, they are the ones that made us. Why would we want to kill them despite if they want to kill us in the first place?

Also, why are they contacting only the people living in the USA? I never heard an Indian making a claim that he or she saw an alien ship or alien itself. I think that there is a high chance that this was a big hoax.


Either we were made by god, alien or we ourselves evolved from nature there is a huge need to pace up our innovation in technology. I believe we need to become multi galactic species and we have to find answers to these. Then only we can be sure that the human race will survive forever.