I am Giri Babu Aakula, a full stack javascript developer. I have been writing code for the past 6 years now. It all started when I am in my university. From my childhood, I have been into tech and building things.

My professional experience started in July, 2018 where I joined Prime Focus Technologies as a web developer. I worked there for around 1.5 years. There I learned about HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and REACT. The company mainly works on video editing, writing subtitles and distributing content. There I got exposure to videos i.e. editing videos, including subtitles with videos and doing this whole thing in the browser. I got some introduction to FFMPEG also. Overall I became an amateur video programmer and decent web developer there.

In January 2020, I joined Alopa Infotech as a frontend developer mainly focussing on Reactjs. The company is into health care and it is building end to end hospital delivery solutions. I worked on building dashboards, creating API’s using React and Node. It was an interesting journey as I got to work with some cool node libraries like puppeteer. Here I learned about the Docker, Micro Services, Databases like MySql, ORM’s like Sequelize and of course React. All in all after working for one year there I got confidence that I can build full stack application ony my own.

In January 2021, I joined Vidgyor as a fullstack javascript developer. The company provides video ad-monitisation solutions. I got offer here based on my experience with videos in my first company. I currently work here, we mostly work with videojs and IMA SDK and other google products like analytics.